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 Music circle           M o r g e n s t e r n*             Berlin  

     Songs of six centuries

The name Morgenstern*  (literally in english: "morning star") is a real synonym with multiple and profound importance:

1. it is a homage to the german poet and narrator of comical and witty teasings CHRISTIAN MORGENSTERN, to whom we have dedicated for a long time, a special performance that lasts the whole evening,

2. don't forget also that under good conditions of weather you can see and understand the morning star = evening star = the Venus = the star of love that is a good contribution to get body and soul moving.

Once upon a time ...

... that's not only the beginning of innumerable fairytales, but also of our wondrous history.

On a day in the autumn of the year 1974, some apprentices of a big building enterprise in the capital named "High-rise engineering building and construction Berlin" (Ingenieurhochbau Berlin - IHB ) came together to make music together.  At this time,  it wasn't an unusual occurrence, because after the "Festival of the World Youth" in 1973 many folkloric- and other musical groups were being founded, and they sprang up like mushrooms. Nobody knows, whether it was the warm weather on this day, but it was the date of birth of Morgenstern*.

Over more than three decades have been developed a multitude of programs, while new members have come in and others moved on. They have composed, wrote lyrics and experimented. The reward for this wasn't only applause, also prizes and diplomas of honour at cultural festivals that were the living proof of the group's development of a higher quality year on year. Therefore we also have today a feeling of a deep gratitude for our long-time accompanist, the composer Olaf Raitzig. The guiding of our musical work is today in the hands of our comrade and friend, the choir leader Edgar Kroll.

In Berlin, in the federal state Brandenburg, on the Baltic coast and elsewhere in Germany the group has provided regular examples of its good reputation.  We have also gained from playing to audiences in  Austria, the Czech republic, in France, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and the Ukraine.          

The repertoire include today a-capella-sets up to seven parts of the Renaissance period, folklore music of three continents, music of Jewish origin (Klezmer) and musical miniatures of the 20. and 21. century.

The apprentices of yesterday are today mothers and fathers and work in various professions  as a civil engineer or medical specialist, businesswoman or social worker, information scientist or business economist. But everlasting was and is the enthusiasm to make music.  Their children are also closely tied to this happiness. If we as an ensemble can pass on this joy to our listeners, there will be a small feeling of luck is swinging in us.                                                                                                                  


 Current members of the group are:

*    Gabriele Enderlein - Businesswoman / vocals; guitar, bass

*     Angelika Raitzig  -Information scientist / vocals; pipes, bass

 *     Gabriela Buerschaper - Medical specialist / vocals; carillon

*     Birgit Kruse - Civil engineer / vocals; accordian, percussion

*     Kerstin Kroll -  Medical specialist / vocals; pipes, percussion

*    Ina Ruschinski - Social worker / vocals; guitars

*     Thomas Eisenhuth - Civil engineer / vocals; percussion 

*    Volker FiegeCivil engineer / vocals; guitar, bass, banjo, celtic harp, pipe 

*    Uwe Glomb -  Civil engineer / vocals; violin, mandolin

*    Andreas Koven - Mathematician / vocals; pipes, clarinette


"Morgenstern" say MANY THANKS to Mr. Richard Stevens, Widnes, Cheshire, for helping to bring this side in a perfect English.                    

  background music: LORD INCHIQUIN - a traditional from Scotland in an arrangement by "morgenstern"